´cause i'm so clever, but clever ain´t wise!
I will be here for you whether you feel great or sad. There is something special about you, something that you don't see or realize. I think your unique qualities make you stand out. I see something in you. You re already my favoite as far as how you look fabulous in your Docs.

<3 <3 <3

Thank you, for beeing there and writing this and pushing me up.

 I hope, I can give it back soon as possible!

With that said I'm yours, Beautiful. I would give you a hug. If your days get tough I can try to make things better for you, to try and comfort you to stay strong and there are those who really care about you.

Who are u? I can´t handle this, that u are so fucking nice and great 2 me. I can´t say often thank u, as much I want 2.. I wanna write ur messages in my diary and read it, when I´m feeling alone or down.

The playlist you made with your URL is too perfect what the actual fuck?!? I guess if that presents your taste in music we are like music-twins!??

Aaaaah <3

I don´t know much people, who like the same music, so be my friendddd :]

Thanks so much, Lovely. I'm definitely ready. You just look so amazing wearing your Docs. I would say that you are the best looking wearing those I never compliment like that before.

Omg, I don´t know what 2 say.. that´s so nice and lovely and this is really touching me. ♥

365 Day Challenge, Day 283: describe your perfect date


You're welcome. Glad you approve my reaction. You deserve the compliment. Can you be able to post more wearing your Docs? Really would appreciate it. I will be OK with my reaction.

Thanks a lot <3

I´ll make a picture with all my doc´s  and it´s coming up soon :-)

Hello. You are so beautiful. Got very aroused seeing you wearing your Doc Martens. Wow. The reaction happens so fast. Forgive me.

Thank u pretty much! xx ♥ U make may dayyy  :] <33

There r some things, that u have 2 let go

And there r things one in that u know only now

But she’ll never have half of what we had
She’ll never have half of what we had

The Drums
fuckinggg days


fuckinggg days


Sun 4